| ARA Records Ansible

ARA Records Ansible

ARA Records Ansible playbook runs and makes the recorded data available and intuitive for users and systems.

Simple and easy to use

ARA does one thing and it does it well: reporting on your Ansible playbooks.

Install ARA, configure Ansible to use it and your next playbook will be recorded. That's it !

Read more about the project's core values in the manifesto.

Tested and stable

Each new commit to ARA is gated against a series of unit and integration tests against different Linux distributions and versions of Ansible in order to prevent regressions.

ARA is used to record more than a million playbooks a month by the OpenStack community alone.

It works.

Production ready and proven

Want to see what ARA looks like ? Look at one of the 300 000 jobs that the OpenStack community runs every month with Zuul.

It's better than a live demo, it's production! Click on any finished job on

Offline and decentralized by default

Running Ansible from your laptop ? No problem.

You can browse your ARA reports locally from a sqlite database without ever leaving the comfort of localhost.

Need to scale with real web and application servers or use a remote database like MySQL or PostgreSQL ? You can do that too.

Community and user-driven

ARA is an OpenStack community project where most of the development is driven by user feedback.

If you need help or would like to chat, join us on IRC or Slack !

Free and open source

The different ARA components and projects are all free and open source under the GPLv3 license.

Participate in code reviews and learn how you can contribute your first patch in the documentation.


Playbook run status at a glance

ARA knows when failures have occurred during an Ansible playbook run and will highlight them so they're easy to find.

at a glance

Host Results

An overview of each of your host involved during your Ansible playbook as well as a summary of the task statuses are just a click away.

host results

Host facts

If you have gathered facts during your playbook, ARA will make them available inside your playbook report.

host facts

Playbook and role files

What did your playbook look like weeks ago ? ARA stores an unique and compressed copy of any file involved in your playbook.


Organized, detailed and searchable task results

Sort by duration, search for task names, tags or status. ARA lets you understand the context in which the tasks ran and see the results for each host.